2014/15 Season » Child’s Pose, April 2015

Child’s Pose, April 2015

Child's Pose, showing Thursday 30 April 2015 at the Cranleigh Film ClubRomania 2013. Director Peter Netzer.

Certificate 15

Peter Netzer’s film won the Golden Bear in Berlin last year.

Another, huge, mature actress’ performance, by Luminita Gheorghiu, as the powerfully connected mother, who is willing to stop at nothing to get her weak son off a charge of causing death of a child by reckless driving.

A savagely witty dissection of corrupt middle class society, we are transfixed watching to see how far she will go to manipulate the police, the judiciary and the dead child’s parents. Whether she believes her own lies is part of the film’s fascination.

112 minutes.

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