2014/15 Season » Nothing But A Man, May 2015

Nothing But A Man, May 2015

Nothing But a Man, showing Thursday 28 May 2015 at the Cranleigh Film ClubUSA 1964. Director Michael Roemer.

Certificate 15

Michael Roemer brought a German Jew’s eye to the emerging civil rights movement by making this film about black people, with black people, for black people, and avoiding grandstanding about injustice and inequality.

We watch the domestic relationships affected by racial tensions, and learn about the different attitudes to oppression by a variety of believable black characters.

A truer film than In The Heat of the Night or Mississippi Burning, which were made by white people, with white stars, for white audiences.

91 minutes.

Audience Feedback

Audience / Responses Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor
47/34 71% 21% 8%