2014/15 Season » The Lunchbox, June 2015

The Lunchbox, June 2015

The Lunchbox, showing Thursday 25 June 2015 at the Cranleigh Film ClubIndia 2013. Director director Ritesh Batra.

Certificate PG

We started the season with the great Indian director of the middle of the last century and we end it with this work by a new writer/director.

This is a heart-warming, humorous, and romantic, but realistic story of a mix up which leads to a relationship. Millions of office workers in India receive a pre-ordered lunchbox at work, often packed by their own wives for collection and delivery. Our hero repeatedly, receives a lunch box not his own which has delicious food.

By means of notes in the lunch box a neglected wife finds romance. It sounds light fare but it provides fascinating insight into Indian society today, and will be a truly enjoyable way to end the season.

104 minutes.

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49/26 54% 38% 8%