2015/16 Season » Omar, Thursday 24th September 2015

Omar, Thursday 24th September 2015

Omar, showing Thursday 24 January 2016 at the Cranleigh Film ClubPalestine 2013. Director/writer Hany Abu-Assad.

Certificate 15

The director is back to his best form for this film that earned him another Academy Award nomination.

This is a powerful love story set against the backdrop of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The titular hero gives a star performance as the young baker in love with a girl whose brother he must impress by killing an Israeli soldier, to win her hand.

The plot goes badly wrong and allows an Israeli intelligence agent to force Omar to work for him with drastic results.

In the end this is an ingenious twist on Othello although it starts like Romeo and Juliet, and the final twist is a stunner.

98 minutes.

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35/19 53% 42% 5%