2015/16 Season » Wild Tales, Thursday 30th June 2016

Wild Tales, Thursday 30th June 2016

Wild Tales, showing Thursday 30 June 2016 at the Cranleigh Film ClubArgentina 2014. Director Damian Szifron.

Certificate 15

This sensational portmanteau movie excited the critics at Cannes and is rivalling The Secret in Their Eyes as the most successful Argentinian film for international markets.

A series of short stories about revenge, involve different characters that are in a rage about real or perceived harm done to them.

Acts of retaliation take place whether against corporate or municipal heartlessness and neglect, or personal hurt.

This work is produced by the Almodovar brothers, which joyfully, and very blackly, reflects their characteristic off beat humour.

It stars the good actor from The Secret in Their Eyes, Richard Darin.

A thrilling film for the season’s finale.

115 minutes.

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