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Club constitution


The Club shall be known as the Cranleigh Film Club referred to here as “The Club.”


The objectives of The Club are:

  • To advance the education of the public in the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of film (and allied visual techniques),
  • To encourage interest in film as an art form and as a medium for public education and for the distribution of information, by means of the exhibition of films of artistic, cultural or scientific character,
  • To promote the study and appreciation of films by such means as lectures, discussions and exhibitions,
  • Such lectures, discussions and exhibitions will be open to the public, unless contractual requirements restrict to members only.


Membership of The Club is open to anyone over the age of sixteen, on payment of the current fee and at the discretion of the committee.

The annual subscription shall be agreed by the Management Committee, as well as any reduction applicable for early payment.

Membership of The Club shall entitle the holder to attendance at all film screenings and other meetings,

Membership of The Club shall entitle the holder to priority booking for any other events for which an additional charge may be made,

Membership of The Club shall entitle the holder to one vote at Annual or other General meetings.

Members are welcome to bring guests for a visitor fee.


The business of The Club shall be managed by a Committee of at least five members. The Committee shall consist of a Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary and such other Officers as may, from time to time, be appointed.

The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and hold office until their successors are elected at the next AGM.

The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be four and the meetings will be held as and when required.

The Club shall hold a General Meeting at least once a year. A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee or upon written request being made of the Committee signed by at least ten members.

The quorum for General and Special Meetings shall be 25% of the membership. If at the time for which a General Meeting has been called there is no quorum, the Meeting shall be rearranged to be held within five (5) weeks.

The Club shall be non-political (not espouse the cause of any political party).

The Club shall not be run for private profit of a Member or Members; any balance at the end of the year shall be carried over and devoted to the objects of the Club.

No Members or Committee Members shall receive payment directly or indirectly for their services or for anything other than legitimate expenses incurred in work for The Club.

Accounts will be produced annually for a year end of April 30th.

The Club shall not be wound up except by a resolution of 75% of those present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. In the event of a winding up, the  club assets will be offered to the Cranleigh Arts Centre.

Alteration of Rules

No alteration of rules shall be made except by a resolution of 75% of those present at a General Meeting. No amendment shall be made which would cause The Club to cease to be a not-for-profit organisation.