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The committee

The current committee was elected at the AGM on 29 June 2017.

Chairman – John Newell

John is a retired computer software engineer who worked in the electricity and oil industries in the UK and abroad. His interest in classic and international film started as a student in 1960 at the Rex in East Finchley, which is now the country’s oldest cinema. He has assumed various leadership roles in many sports clubs throughout his life and has been involved in local community developments in recent years

Treasurer – Bruce Holtom

Bruce trained as a chartered accountant before a career in investment management followed by commerce.  He retired in 2010.  He has always enjoyed watching films and the Film Club offers a new and exciting genre.

Projection – Beverley Marsden

Beverley is a linguist and a teacher of the English language. She has always been keen to keep her languages going and to learn more about other cultures, and one way is to watch foreign language films, which she thoroughly enjoys.

Committee Secretary – Hilary Roberts

Hilary spent her early working life at the Evening Standard organising their Annual Drama Awards, school debating tournaments and events publicising the paper. From there she moved to the Rank Organisation to organise film premieres, press screenings and memorable monthly visits to Pinewood Studios. She went on to work at the Old Bailey in London and for Bacardi in Bermuda. She was also involved in organising international sailing events. All in all, a lot of organising.

Film Selection Committee – Jeremy Palmer

Jeremy is a history graduate who avoided being one of Mrs Thatcher’s one in ten by working with his hands rather than his head! And so it has continued. Sadly. His interest, admiration and indeed passion for film started as a teenager. He would sit up late to catch films deemed too slow or unpopular because they were sub-titled. Visconti’s Death In Venice comes to mind:  a man’s obsession with a beautiful teenage boy played by a 1960′s heart-throb with wonderful music by Mahler. As a student his interest developed. He lived ten minutes from the Duke of Yorks Brighton where an eclectic mix of world cinema was available. More recently he was involved in selecting films for the Hemingway Club at the Arts Centre and now helps to select choices for our club. He always hopes to see something inspiring… a good story beautifully told.

Membership – Sara Lock

Sara moved to Cranleigh in 2013 with the intention of becoming involved in local arts projects upon retirement in 2015. However, she was quickly introduced to the Cranleigh Film Club by an enthusiastic neighbour and has now joined the committee, where she hopes to redress the gender balance. She has a particular interest in French-language film which began in the 60s when she was a student of French and Business Studies.

Catering and Refreshments – Liz Trickett

Liz has been interested in a wide variety of films since her youth.  However her range extended when living in 60′s London given the richness of world cinema at that time.  She even dressed like the Jeanne Moreau character in ‘Jules et Jim’.  She attended most of the Hemingway films at the Arts Centre and has been involved with the Film Club since its inception.  She can be found with refreshments through the hatch in the kitchen, however she is now delighted to be also part of the selection committee.

Committee Member – Kimberley Bee

Widower and resident of Cranleigh with two daughters and seven grandchildren.  Originally from Woking, I spent most of my career overseas in Oil & Gas transportation managing fleet profile and project development.  Retired these last five years, three in Cranleigh in company with trusty and long serving Dalmatian.  Member of Cranleigh Village Care and Probus B.  Family in South Africa and Norway plus holidays means lots of travelling, which I enjoy.  Very happy to be living in Cranleigh and I look forward to getting to know more CFC members.

The Film Selection sub-committee comprises several members of the Committee together with co-opted club members plans the programme for each forthcoming season.  It meets over the winter months. The objective is to produce a balanced, appealing and occasionally challenging programme. The following three kinds of information are used:

  1. Feedback from the films of the current season; this provides an insight into members’ particular likes and dislikes. For example there is a limited taste for films which carry no optimistic element, regardless of the quality of the film making;
  2. Critical comment in the press and specialist cinema media, including from international film festivals;
  3. Individual proposals and judgements from the sub-committee members: no film is included in the programme which has not been seen and enthused upon by at least two members.

Balance is achieved by choosing films from a range of genres: “thriller”, “historical”, “political”, “classic” and “documentary”. The programme of 12 films in any season will have two chosen from a list by the members at a ballot held during the summer.

Films have to be available for community cinema showing by distributors (which usually implies some previous UK cinematic release). The number of films that can be included in a season is restricted by government licensing limits.