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In the Mood for Love, March 2012

Hong Kong 2000. Director: Wong Kar-Wai.

Certificate PG

This is one of the great screen love stories made by the brilliant auteur director. The story is simple – a cuckolded couple of neighbours find comfort with each other but their romance is bittersweet and not consummated.

The title tells you what matters, it is the mood not the story, and the mood depends on catching the style and ethos of the 1960s. Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung are the beautiful couple and although Leung won the best actor prize at Cannes, Cheung’s beauty holds your eyes.

The cinematography is glorious, the music perfect. The ending is downbeat and sad as Tony Leung grieves for missed opportunity.

Audience Feedback

Audience / Responses Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor
58/31 23% 39% 26% 10% 2%