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A Separation, September 2012

A Separation, shown by Cranleigh Film ClubIran 2011. Director: Ashgar Farhadi.

Certificate PG

The winner of the best foreign film Oscar for 2012 this film really put Iran on the map for world cinema. The director has a masterly ability to tell a story involving everyday events in the context of the workings of a theocratic society.

He transforms a rather shabby quarrel into a universal tragedy, and in the process manages to involve the sympathies of the audience in every character.

There is also the subject of dementia which mature audiences everywhere related to as this family in the midst of breaking up fails to cope.

Top class acting from all the cast: Leila Hatami and Peyman Manadi as the estranged couple with special mention for the director’s daughter Sarina Farhadi.

Audience Feedback

Audience / Responses Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor
64/29 45% 48% 7%