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Chico and Rita, December 2012

Spain 2010. Director Fernando Truerba.

Certificate 15

A hand drawn animation film about a pair of lovers in the jazz/blues music performing business, followed from their meeting in pre revolution Cuba to today, via New York, Hollywood, Paris and back to Havana.

The film enchants whether you are a jazz fan or not, but it becomes sublime for the music aficionados. The romance follows the tradition of show business tales, where lovers meet, part, meet again, part again, and eventually find each other for good. She is a superb singer , he is a brilliant pianist, together they are special but his infidelities and bad luck, and her ambition , which ruthless impresarios can exploit, provide the star crossed scenario.

A rotund manager for Chico brings comedy and a linking for the story’s development. This short film, brilliantly drawn, is a treat for all ages.

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