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In a Better World, June 2013

in-a-better-worldDenmark 2010. Director Susanne Bier.

Certificate 15

The winner of the 2011 best foreign language movie Oscar. The title suggests death but the Danish title Haevnen actually means revenge. This film has much to say about rage, respect and revenge and has found a ready acceptance in many countries because of this topical scenario. It is dependent on the comparing of the lives of two men who are strangers but whose sons are friends at school. One man is a doctor in an African hell hole, whose marriage is in crisis, the other is a business man whose wife has just died of cancer. The businessman’s son is almost psychotic with grief. The doctor’s son is bullied and an incident occurs where the doctor is humiliated when interfering in the playground. The sons embark on a revenge mission. The film is a worthy, liberal appeal for peace and reconciliation.

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