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Little White Lies, April 2013

France 2010. Director Guillaume Canet.

Certificate 15

The opening of the film resonates strongly because Jean Dujardin, the star of The Artist, provides the initial dramatic highlight which defines the roles of the characters for the rest of the film.

This is an ensemble French film showing the French on holiday being French.

Francois Cluzet, who Canet worked with brilliantly in Tell No One, is the star as the neurotic control freak who owns the holiday home where his band of friends gather every year, only this time one is lying mortally ill in a Paris hospital. Cluzet specialises in offbeat neurosis and he is well supported by a galaxy of France’s current top film actors. Marion Cotillard shines as always as the most desirable of the ladies.

This long film appears to be self indulgent but it provides time for the audience to know the characters whose light banter hides much.

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