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Men on the Bridge, February 2013

Turkey 2009. Director Asli Ozge.

Certificate 15

The star of the film is the Bosphorus Bridge where the three main male characters work- a motorcycle cop, a minibus driver, and a teenager illegally selling flowers.

The cop is a mother’s boy who tries for love via the internet, the driver is working all hours to save for a better apartment for his dissatisfied wife, the teenager is hopeless at anything he does lacking both brain and education. The fly on the wall style is deceptive as this is a scripted work, albeit the driver and the teenager play themselves whilst the policeman was played by his own brother.

The frustrations, minor ambitions, and drabness of their lives are well conveyed but the lack of drama means the film fails to involve its audience, and like most Turkish films its down beat mood is depressing. This director will make better films.

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