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A Royal Affair, March 2014

A Royal Affair showing Thursday 27th March 2014 at the Cranleigh Film ClubDenmark 2012. Director Nikolaj Arcel.

Certificate 15

The film lost out to Amour for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars this year. This is a true story about one of the most dramatic events in Denmark’s history. The affair between the English born queen and the king’s physician is a powerful and serious account, not a historical romp.

It is taught in schools in Denmark and no less than 15 books have been written about the affair. The film despite being made with authentic sets, clothes, food etc. is filmed and edited as though it was happening today in Copenhagen rather than being ”filmed historic pageantry”.

Mads Mikkelsen is Denmark’s top male star who is also now an international star. He was awarded the best male actor award at Cannes for The Hunt (2013).

Audience Feedback

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