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A Simple Life, May 2014

A Simple Life showing Thursday 29th May 2014 at the Cranleigh Film ClubHong Kong 2012. Director Ann Hui.

Certificate PG

This could be considered the best film from Asia to be released last year. The story of an ageing housekeeper who looks after Roger a film producer and his apartment.

She has been with his family in Hong Kong since his childhood and when she has a stroke decides she wants to be in a retirement home. Roger takes it upon himself to ensure her care as she has cared for him and places her in a home run by his corrupt rent collector. Roger is not an especially sympathetic character, remaining reserved, and there is no redemptive purpose to the story.

Nevertheless it is a tear jerker, but a thoughtful and perceptive one. As we are becoming used to, the central older, lady of this Asian tale is brilliantly performed.

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