Season 11 : 2023/24 » Aftersun – 28th September 2023

Aftersun – 28th September 2023


UK 2022. Director Charlotte Wells.

Certificate 12A

A heartfelt portrayal of a daughter’s relationship with her father, explored through the prism of timeless memories.

107 minutes.

Audience Feedback

Audience / Responses Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor
A realistic study of mental health, memory, nostalgia and family relationships set to a
backdrop of absolute ordinariness in which nothing much seems to happen.


A superb portrayal of a breakdown; moving from being just able to cope to losing control.
Beautiful acting and direction, so many subtle images particularly within scenes containing
either the young and the old Sophie. A touching and well observed film, loved it.

31% 23% 31% 0% 15%